Why Prana

Our goal with PRANA PRINCIPLE™ is to address every major need of consumers whether they are looking for a high-quality tincture, cost effective capsule or an innovative beauty care item, we want our consumers to experience CBD in whichever way they feel most comfortable with. Each of our items are unique from our competitors in their own way. The basis of every product is derived from our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil or powder. We utilize micro and nano-emulsion technologies to aid in the bioavailability of our products. Our powders are produced to be water-soluble to increase bioavailability and diversify use. Bioavailability, potency, and consistency is at the core of everything PRANA PRINCIPLE™ has to offer.

PRANA PRINCIPLE™ hemp is non-GMO and grown organically without harmful pesticides, heavy metals, lead or arsenic. Our purification and extraction processes remove unwanted THC and chlorophyll, leaving you with a hemp oil that complies with ever changing state legislations. PRANA PRINCIPLE™ products are rigorously tested using chromatography and 3rd party lab analysis, to ensure that critical attributes such as color, taste, purity and potency comply with GMP regulations and standards.

PRANA PRINCIPLE™ CBD Hemp Oil Extract has an unmatched raw ingredient supply chain, premium Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) finished product manufacturing and distribution, and well-established retailer relationships. We guarantee a competitive supply chain for all your cannabinoid-rich health and wellness product needs.

APAX Group has a dedicated legal team that is ready to answer all questions regarding the legality of PRANA PRINCIPLE™ cannabidiol (CBD) and all of our industrial hemp oil extract-derived products. We package and present our products in a way that is GMP and FDA-compliant and
that allows them to be widely distributed.

We provide high quality consumer goods at a price point that makes PRANA PRINCIPLE™ products accessible to the average consumer across a range of market sectors. We also obtain a Certificate of Analysis for each batch of PRANA PRINCIPLE™. Monitoring through third-party labs is performed regularly to confirm potency and purity as well as to ensure that these products contain 0.0% tetrahydro cannabinol (THC).

Our company stays ahead of the curve by closely assessing and responding to the needs of our communities. This allows us to better predict the market demand and merchandise interests of our customers. Our innovation is derived from a passionate team that is driven by trust and support for one another and remains connected locally and globally.

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