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Social Policy Statement

A message from THE APAX GROUP, Prana's parent company

Dear Friends,

As an entrepreneur, I am an optimist by nature. When I founded this company, my goal was simple: To work hard and produce quality health and wellness products in a way that respects our customers, employees and suppliers across the globe. As the company has grown, I, along with my teams, have also invested in just and worthy causes to improve health and wellness in communities in the U.S. and beyond.

As the world has changed, our goal has not changed. However, how we approach that goal is expanding as we listen and learn.

Our teams across all our brands are heart-broken and concerned by the unrest and frustration we see around us, particularly surrounding Black struggles in the U.S. We want to do the right thing. We want to be part of the solution and not take the wrong path. At the same time, we have watched as some companies quickly jumped into the fray only to be condemned as insincere, tone deaf, opportunistic or worse. We have also watched as companies who remained silent too long were also condemned. We do not know the motives of those companies. We only know our own.

We want to do the right thing and be authentic as we work to prudently expand our social outreach in response to the crisis around us. We want to start right away to do something, even as we continue to listen and learn. Our initial steps will be welcomed by some and may be criticized by others. To the latter group, we commit to continue to learn and improve. True solutions can only be reached by various efforts from everyone. That means we won't all contribute in the same way even if we all have a common goal. We will use our unique platform to do what we can and what we feel has the greatest impact to benefit Black communities. We hope that our customers, our partners, our industry and our friends will join in their own way and support our efforts so we can move forward together toward new common ground.

Looking ahead, we have created an “evergreen” policy statement that reflects our values and commitments. This statement is dynamic—it will be amended as we continue to learn how we can best act and respond as a company to oppose injustice and oppression. It is built on the belief that we are all citizens of a common world, and we believe we should be working toward a common goal.

APAX Social Policy Statement
• We are committed to offering quality, wellness products, and we believe our efforts are one small way in which we can promote good health and nutrition among all people.
• We believe that every human being has the right to life, liberty, dignity and equal protection under the law.
• We can better solve the problems of the world with peace, love, understanding and compassion.
• We must remain unified and united as a country to work together for social progress.
• We support peaceful demonstrations without violence.
• We acknowledge that Black lives are at risk in ways that others are not. We also acknowledge the importance of supporting and enabling all people who are oppressed, marginalized, victimized or discriminated against.
• We make social investments through our brands that are related to health, wellness and nutrition because that is our area of expertise.

In direct response to current events, we are expanding our community outreach by funding the launch of a non-profit program, RESOLUTE. This program will help protect the lives and dignity of our neighbors in at-risk geographic areas against human trafficking, with an emphasis on Black communities. This is relevant because we know that these communities are disproportionately impacted by human trafficking and its unique, direct and sustained type of violence. According to data, 40% of human trafficking victims in the U.S. are African American--that’s more than three times the percentage of African Americans in the U.S. population.

We are starting with a U.S. expansion of our existing global work against human trafficking, because it is an assault on health, wellness, dignity and ultimately freedom. The crime of human trafficking devastates those it affects and directly involves both Black America and U.S. law enforcement. Through our efforts we will educate, communicate and advocate for a better and safer America.

We pray for peace and reconciliation in these difficult times.

Most Sincerely,
Sebastien Hebbelinck, on behalf of the APAX family

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