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Introducing Prana Principle™ CBD Ingestibles (edibles)
Introducing Prana Principle™ Ingestibles, your partner for cannabinoid-rich ingestible products. Prana is a Sanskrit word that translates as “the principle of life, breath, and vital energy sustaining the body.” The Prana Principle aims to continuously manifest health through intentional energetic movement and flow. Prana Principle™ values your health and well-being and strives to provide you with the most pure and natural CBD products that leave you feeling refreshed and euphoric. Our Ingestibles include the great benefits of broad-spectrum CBD. All our products contain certified industrial hemp and 0.0% THC.
We are excited to offer you the very first products available from PRANA PRINCIPLE™. We are constantly updating and developing our product line to bring our customers all the options they could want or need from the CBD world. Check back frequently to see what’s new!