Fortified CBD with Melatonin and Curcumin

Prana Principle introduces CBD soft gels infused with Melatonin and Curcumin. Melatonin and Curcumin have been known to provide an exceptional amount of health benefits. When both supplements are combined with CBD, the effectiveness of both additives is enhanced.

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally omitted within the body, and its designated purpose is to regulate numerous aspects of the biological and physiological systems. With that being said, Melatonin is best known for its relation to sleep, and is the designated neuro-receptor transmitted to notify your body that it is time to sleep. When levels of melatonin are low or ones sleeping habits are not consistent, there are many side effects. Some of these side effects include depleted energy, lower productivity, and increased risk of other health issues and diseases. According to HealthLine, melatonin output is affected by many factors, some of which include, “stress, smoking, exposure to too much light at night (including blue light), not getting enough natural light during the day, shift work and aging.” Melatonin is a regulator of blood pressure, hormone levels and body temperature, which is why it is imperative to control and regulate necessary levels of this hormone. Our CBD-Melatonin Soft Gels were created to help restore and revive melatonin loss and provide a better nights sleep.

Curcumin is the main active compound found within turmeric. This supplement is increasing in popularity due to the powerful anti-inflammatory effects and its strong antioxidant properties. Curcumin provides a multitude of health benefits and naturally aids in the process of repairing and restoring damages within the body. According to HealthLine, “Curcumin can suppress many molecules known to play major roles in inflammation.” Not only is curcumin a remarkable anti-inflammatory, it is also known to increase the antioxidant capacity within the body. Antioxidants are essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and is one of the leading sources in protecting the body against free radicals, which leads to oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is one of the dominant forces behind many diseases and the aging process. Combining curcumin and CBD creates a supplement that strengthens the additive, improving the known health benefits.

Curcumin and Melatonin are natural substances added to our products to maintain a healthy immune and neurological system. These ingredients are CBD amplified within our products and have created an entirely new name for hemp health.

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