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CBD in the Beauty Industry

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CBD in the Beauty Industry

CBD has been taking over the beauty industry, and has been considered the next big trend within the beauty community. In an untapped market, CBD products are making their way into big name launches. Sephora, Ulta and Neiman Marcus have already started carrying CBD beauty brands and for a good reason. CBD is known to have innumerable benefits, many of which include natural healing properties. CBD contains amino acids, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, all of which are vital to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. CBD has been known to cleanse and calm the skin through its moisturizing properties and directly impacts the re-balancing of skin cells. These naturally healing CBD products are extremely valuable in today’s market as they are consistent with the current trend of pure, all-natural brands.

Prana Principle has been working extremely hard to create and carry out the finest CBD beauty and skin care line on the market. Here at Prana we know how important it is to protect and balance the skin, and our products are the first step in achieving those goals. We offer serums, balms, oils, masks, acne and eczema treatment, which all have been combined with CBD to promote healthy skin.

Prana Principles first area of beauty products are focused on topical serums and lotions. We offer an all-natural, radiant, moisturizing face serum to help smooth fine lines, minimize dryness and enhance complexion. In conjunction with our face serum, we developed a unique formula for our eye serum. This formula was created to minimize puffiness, under eye bags, and wrinkles. Continuing with facial skin care items, Prana Principle offers hydrating face masks, moisturizing lotion pearls and a healing lip balm, all combined with CBD to enhance effects. In addition to our hydrating topical face products we composed a line pertaining to those with acne and eczema. The mixture and blending process of ingredients in our acne treatment promotes the regeneration of skin cells, and removes bacteria from pores. Our eczema treatment has a carefully designed formula created to hydrate and soothe irritation for those with dry flakey patches of skin.

Prana Principle knows that skin care is not limited to facial products which is why we constructed a line for full body skin care and relief. These products contain an abundance of terpenes which stimulate and soothe irritated skin and sore muscles. Our body mask line consists of hand and foot masks, used to hydrate and repair cracked, dry skin while providing relief. This line also consists of a relief and sleep products, created to repair and relieve sore muscles as well as provide a better night’s sleep. This line includes our soothing relief cream, relief wraps and lavender sleep lotion. The last few products in this amazing line revolve around hydrating and moisturizing the body, with our CBD body balm and oil. Prana Principle values health and well-being and strives to provide the most pure and natural CBD products.

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