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Introducing Prana Principle™, your partner for cannabinoid-rich ingestible, beauty and topical products. Prana is a Sanskrit word that translates as “the principle of life, breath, and vital energy sustaining the body.” The Prana Principle aims to continuously manifest health through intentional energetic movement and flow. Prana Principle™ values your health and well-being and strives to provide you with the most pure and natural CBD products that leave you feeling refreshed.

25mg CBD Soft Gel Caps (30 count)
CBD Pet Tincture – Salmon
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CBD for Dogs and Pets (Beef)
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CBD-A + Melatonin Advanced Formula Capsules
CBD-A + Curcumin Advanced Formula Capsules
CBD-A Original Formula Capsules
CBD Water – Watermelon
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CBD Water – Orange Mango
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CBD is hitting the market like no other wellness product in history. You aren’t able to look through a magazine, browse the internet or scroll through social media without being exposed to this popular new product. Our CEO, Sebastian Hebbelinck, and Vice President of Business Development, Mike Frink, have been interviewed by many industry publications and are featured through many media platforms in relation to PRANA Principle. Likewise, our topical and ingestible CBD products have been featured in print and digital media nationally and worldwide. PRANA Principle is dedicated to providing the highest quality and pure products of CBD available.

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